...draping our show in a velvet robe...
Having Fiasco mixed and mastered by Final Final v2 feels like the audio equivalent of draping our show in a velvet robe. Rob, Michael, and Johnny somehow make Fiasco sound dense and light on its feet at the same time… On top of all that, working with FFv2 is a total pleasure: they are great communicators who understand the production process and clearly pride themselves on being reliable and consistent.
Leon Neyfakh
Host, Fiasco

...They're master collaborators...

We have worked with Rob Byers and Final Final v2 for years. They’re master collaborators and you’re guaranteed an absolutely beautiful mix.
Phoebe Judge & Lauren Spohrer
Co-Creators Criminal & This Is Love
...frees us up to focus on the creative work...
Radiolab was growing and we needed to find ways to share files with remote staff without slowing down our day-to-day production, so we hired Michael Raphael to revamp our file management and production workflow. He interviewed our entire staff and designed systems to suit how we work. Now we can easily and efficiently share large Pro Tools sessions across our team, which frees us up to focus on the creative work. Also, the guy has a wicked sense of humor.
Soren Wheeler
Managing Editor

Dylan Keefe
Director of Sound Design, RadioLab
In the Dark loves Johnny Vince!
Working with Johnny is always a pleasure. He's a man of many skills—he's done amazing work for us as a mix engineer, a composer, and a recording artist. In the Dark loves Johnny Vince!
Samara Freemark
Senior Producer In the Dark
...more than audio engineers...
The Final Final v2 team helped Fiasco fulfill its highest potential as a high-touch, sound-rich podcast. They've also pushed our podcast forward in many other aspects. They advise us on workflow organization, helped build templates for our audio editing, and connected us with experts in the industry to advise in host performance. Rob, Michael and Johnny Vince are more than audio engineers. They are audio advisers, technical troubleshooters and all around great people.
Andrew Parsons
Executive Producer, Fiasco
...creative, generous, brilliant collaborator...
Michael was our technical director at the New Yorker Radio Hour. He was a creative, generous, brilliant collaborator on audio projects. He also restructured how we shared work, making collaboration across the team seamless and painless. Honestly, I don’t quite understand WHAT he did--that’s his expertise, not mine--I just know that he made everything about file sharing better, which made our work much easier. He’s also just a great person to have to turn to when you’re in the mud of production, ready with great advice and insight and humor. Johnny and Rob helped with audio projects at NYRH, and they each brought excellent care and creativity to making our work sing.
Sara Nics
Managing Editor, Transmitter Media
They will take your audio project to the next level.

Final Final v2 made our lives so much easier when Hidden Brain made the transition to independent production. Michael, Rob and Johnny Vince helped us with everything from choosing the right computers and remote recording tools to the final mix of our very first episode as an independent show. They really know their stuff and will take your audio project to the next level. And as an added bonus, they're great people to work with!

Tara Boyle 
Executive Producer, HiDDEN Brain