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What We Do

We work on collaborative audio storytelling projects, moving the craft of audio production forward. Whether it's consulting on sound design or training your staff, we can have an impact on every part of your production process. Our team has deep experience and a strong track record of delivering award-winning content.
We are here for:
  • Pre-production planning
  • Workflow and production training
  • On-site consultation
  • Sound design and mixing
  • Composition
...creative, generous, brilliant collaborator...
Sara Nics
Managing Editor, Transmitter Media

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Who We Are

Johnny Vince Evans

Johnny Vince has been grinding and polishing award-winning radio features and podcasts, ever since landing an engineering job at NPR DC in the early aughts. There, he worked on shows like All Things Considered, All Songs Considered, and Performance Today. He’s also worked on a variety of award-winning radio shows and podcasts, such as: In the Dark, Brains On, Spectacular Failures, and The Slowdown. Recent work includes: The New Yorker Radio Hour, Fiasco, Smartr, and The Bank Robber Diaries.

Johnny’s Volvo will be back on the road “like, any day now.” He also has the best dog. His name is Cody – or Jerry.

Michael Raphael

Michael worked on the production teams for The New Yorker Radio Hour, Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, Marketplace, Weekend America, and Radiolab.

His work can be heard on Voyages: Listen to the World from the New York Times, Performance Today, Fiasco and This is Love, among others. He is an expert field recordist whose company, Rabbit Ears Audio, provides authentic sounds to the film and video game industries. If you need the sound of an Mi-24 Hind helicopter from the Soviet Union, or an Olivetti Lettera 22 Royal Standard Model 10 typewriter, he can help you.

Rob Byers

Rob loves working in audio! He has led live international broadcasts from foreign soil, recorded artists from Lizzo to Yo-Yo Ma, mixed beloved podcasts like Criminal and This is Love, and worked on shows like All Things Considered, Weekend America, Morning Edition, and the Peabody award-winning documentary Betrayed By Silence.

Rob trained audio producers across the country with NPR Training and wrote educational guides for producers of all experience levels, including The Ear Training Guide for Audio ProducersThe Audio Producer’s Guide to Loudness, and The Producer’s Handbook to Mixing Audio Stories. Rob is now the Director of Broadcast and Media Production at American Public Media. Little known fact: Rob and Johnny Vince started at NPR on the same day in 2003!

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